(C3)2 Teaching Artist Takes to the Stage and the AirFriday, August 12, 2016

Creative Classroom Collaboratives

Photo credit: HDiCavalcanti Photography


Recently, (C3)2 teaching artist Danielle Marie Fusco (above, center) stepped out of the classroom and onto the stage to appear in a showcase entitled “Devaneio” at the Streb Lab for Action Mechanics in Brooklyn, NY. Ms. Fusco was one of an international group of artists who performed the dance and aerial piece about Attention Deficit with Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).



Photo credit: HDiCavalcanti Photography


Devaneio is a Portuguese word meaning the “state of mind of those who let themselves get carried away by memories, dreams and images." The performance piece was inspired by Brazilian choreographer and director Marcela Corbellini Duarte’s personal experience with ADHD. “People with ADHD are often called stupid, lazy, irresponsible and disorganized,” notes the director. “But the fact is that our brains function in a different way. We let our emotions guide most of our actions, making us impulsive. Our emotions take us into a long, frustrating and chaotic path to the finish line. But this path is also passionate, colorful, creative and innovative.”




Ms. Corbellini Duarte’s performance piece combined gesture, dance, music and aerials to represent the battle with as well as the escape from ADHD. The dance performance was accompanied by an original score. “The cacophony of the music coupled with movements and aerials symbolized the struggle to escape the malady and to find clarity,” says Ms. Corbellini Duarte.



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