About Project Partners

About Project Partners

To achieve the goal of fostering 21st Century skills for teachers and students through creativity and collaboration, the (C3)2 project's administrative staff has teamed with teaching artists, cultural organizations, and Metis Associates evaluators. Below is a list of the project's partners with links to individual profiles.

 Administrative Team

The Administrative Team works collaboratively to help teachers and teaching artists develop and implement two arts-integrated Units of Study (five weeks each) during the school year. To reach the project's goal, the administrative team develops and disseminates effective materials, practices, and processes through professional development and the (C3)SQUARED website. Team members include:

Loretta Corbisiero

Carol Brown

Lorraine Sopp

Laura Reeder

Metis Associates

Meghan Quarltere

Susan Neale

Teaching Artists

The (C3)2 teaching artists collaborate with classroom teachers and special area teachers in target schools to develop and implement two arts-integarted Units of Study (5 weeks each) during the school year. These artist residencies are designed to promote creative expression in teachers and students through engagement in projects aligned to a "well-rounded education," including core academic curriculum and the arts. (C3)2 teaching artists include:

Paul Rodriguez

Dafna Soltes-Stein

Lucienne Pereira

Danielle Marie Fusco

Kendra Mace

Beth Giacummo

Cultural Organizations and Artists

In addition to their collaboration with teaching artists and specialty teachers, the classroom teachers and students see two performing arts productions each year. These performances reinforce the interdisciplinary teaching and arts integration going on in the classroom. In lieu of a performance, they may choose to visit art museums and other cultural centers.


Dancing Classrooms

David Gonzalez

Hecksher Museum of Art

Lyle Cogen

Long Island Museum

Napoleon Revels-Bey

Old Bethpage Village Restoration

PUSH Physical Theatre

Tilles Center

Westhampton Beach Performing Arts Center