Meet Laura ReederMonday, August 29, 2016



Laura Reeder

(C3)2 Curriculum Coordinator


Laura Reeder works to blur boundaries between art and teaching practices. She is concerned with problems of education that limit learning and access for so many people. She helps new generations of artists and teachers to become activists who change schooling and exclusive artistic worlds through critical and humanistic teaching.


As chair and associate professor of Art Education at Massachusetts College of Art & Design (aka MassArt), Laura supervises pre-service teachers as they teach K-12 learners from the Boston metropolitan area in the historic Saturday Studios programs. She mentors artists to use their practices in community, gallery and school settings. She collaborates with teachers and PK-12 students to reform educational systems through creativity in Massachusetts and New York.


Laura holds a PhD from Syracuse University, an MFA from Boston University, and a BFA from Syracuse University. Her publications and artistic work address pedagogy and praxis by examining social injustices, critical communities of practice, and human connectivity in contemporary society. She is currently working on a book, The Opposite of Aesthetic: Creative Resistance to Anesthetized Systems of Schooling, as part of a series entitled “Imagination and Praxis: Criticality and Creativity in Education and Educational Research.” She is the Instructional Resources coordinator with Art Education: The Journal of the National Art Education Association.



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