Meet Paul RodriguezMonday, August 22, 2016


Paul Rodriguez

(C3)2 Teaching Artist


Paul “Rodro” Rodriguez is the creative mind behind Rodro Books and Education. He writes and illustrates children’s books, which provide the foundation for his arts- and ELA-infused character education programs. His projects and programs tackle a broad range of topics, from bullying, domestic violence, and gun violence to climate change, rainforest destruction, wildlife poaching and more. Since graduating from Pratt Institute with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and Design degree, Paul has spent 25 years working in school and community settings with children of all levels, including those with special needs.


Paul’s work with children has taken him around the world, from Sumatra, Indonesia, to Southern Louisiana, inspiring the creation of a diverse and unique series of collaborative programs and projects. With each program, Paul addresses the specific needs of the school or community’s children. For example, he has taught children how to appreciate diversity in racially- and religiously-diverse schools, and addressed the unique needs of both children with autism and their siblings. Paul is also the co-founder of Project Learn La-Terre, a non-profit organization providing educational programs and healthcare to children in Southern Louisiana.


Ultimately, Paul’s ambition is to help children to help themselves by providing a wide range of engaging and rewarding learning experiences to all types of learners. He believes, “we have to care about our children and teach them how to care about themselves and each other. Caring is the essential foundation for all learning, as all learning is an opportunity to cultivate caring.”


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