Meet Lucienne PereiraSunday, February 5, 2017

Creative Classroom Collaboratives


Lucienne Pereira

(C3)2 Teaching Artist

Lucienne Pereira is a Brazilian multi-disciplinary artist who paints, draws, sculpts, and creates installation art and community murals. Her latest installation, entitled An Aesthetic Approach to Adaptation, appeared in a solo exhibit at the Art League of Long Island in May 2016. Ms. Pereira has had exhibits in both the United States and Europe.


As an art educator, Ms. Pereira has developed art projects for children, teens and adults in which art techniques and art knowledge have been integrated with cultural and scientific subjects. She has engaged participants in the creation of murals that brings them a sense of pride and belonging as well as gives them an opportunity to experience something new and informative. She has successfully guided students of all ages in the painting process, regardless of their artistic skills. Her community mural projects have included Professions A to Z; South America’s Fruits and Flowers; Fishes and Birds of Northport Harbor; Freshwater Ecosystem; Vegetable Garden’s Ecosystem; Trades; and South America’s Symbols.


Ms. Pereira holds a BA in Arts from SUNY, a BA in Art Education from Universidade Estacio de Sa, Rio de Janeiro, and a Master Degree in Arts from Frank Mohr Instituut, Netherlands.




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