Metis Associates

(C3)2 Project Evaluators


Metis Associates is conducting the evaluation of the implementation and impacts of the Creative Classroom Collaboratives (C3)2project. Using a quasi-experimental design, the evaluation is studying the impacts of the (C3)2 project on students and staff in the schools participating in the project. Specifically the evaluation aims to assess the impact of the (C3)2 project on students' 21st Century Skills and achievement in the core academic subjects of English Language Arts and Math. Impacts on the collaboration skills and attitudes of teachers and school arts and media specialists are also being studied. In addition, the evaluation is assessing impacts on the inclusion of 21st Century Skills and arts integration in school planning documents and documenting and assessing project implementation from 2015-2016 and 2016-2017. Metis Associates, Inc. is a New York City based research and evaluation firm, and brings 35 years of experience in evaluation, information technology, and grant development to its work with clients.